"The Fruit of the Spirit" 2018

The nine artists of Christos Collective worked on nine 18x18 panels for nine months; each artist kept each panel for one month during which time the artist prayed about the piece and its related virtue, journaled on the subject, then proceeded to contribute to the composition. After nine months, each of the nine works of art were returned to the originators of each piece in order for them to do what they felt was required to complete the work. These nine pieces now stand as a collaborative project which reflects the values listed in the fifth book of Galatians as worthy virtues to live by in the Christian life. This collection is currently on display at the Bridge Gallery at Denver Seminary in Littleton, Colorado.

NEXT on the Christos Collective Agenda:

CHRISTOS COLLECTIVE IS SEEKING BOARD MEMBERS to help the collective move from a LLC to a NPO, non-profitorganization. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN FILLING A POSITION, please contact us at christoscollective@gmail.com

CHRISTOS ARTISTS are working on several new themes: RESURRECTION and COLOR. Keep checking in to see how they develop.

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