CHRISTIANS USE THEIR TALENTS IN ATTEMPT TO SAVE WORLD: RECLAIM EXHIBITION BY CHRISTOS COLLECTIVE HITS GALLERY 970 DECEMBER 31st – FEBRUARY 13th Reclaim examines different aspects of the word via diverse media, but all works cohesively claim Christ’s reclamation of our lives and world. Some artists delve into personal journeys while others address the Christian community, calling for action, calling for changes in perception. Additionally, a few members rework traditional icons, utilizing new forms of visual language, thus making biblical stories and themes more accessible to a contemporary audience. However, some also make connections to the reclaiming process taking place in the natural world. Christos artists are comfortable in paradox, and they work beautifully toward developing audience understanding of what it means when we say, “On earth as it is in heaven.” For this 970 exhibit, Christos Collective is extending its idea of reclamation to the tangible world by partnering with nonprofit organizations, Habitat for Humanity and A Face to Reframe. The collective will be encouraging exhibit visitors to donate to these nonprofits and a percentage of sales will go straight to these organizations. Reclamation is the main concept behind nonprofit organizations, for they recognize that the world is flawed, cruel, and unjust, yet worth the effort to improve. These specific nonprofits boldly persevere despite seeing homelessness increase and victims of human trafficking rise. Reclamation refuses to let go of goals that seem relentless and insurmountable; reclamation does not tire or grow weary; reclamation counts on death but fails in submission to it, for it relies on new life to take its place. Beth Bruno is the founder and director of A Face to Reframe, an organization who's mission is to prevent human trafficking through participatory arts, training, and community building. Along with her work in the nonprofit sector, Bruno is also an artist, social practice photographer, and she discovered her calling to combat human trafficking after seeing the documentary Born Into Brothels. She says this of the exhibit’s theme: “Reclamation is a bi-directional act of mutuality. In reframing the dignity of another, we discover more of our own.” See Reclaim at Loveland’s Gallery 970 December 31–February 13th, and please be our guest at the show’s opening on December 31st 6–9PM as well as the artists’ talk on January 23rd at 2:30PM. There is also a closing event on February 13th with details to be announced. The opening and closing events will feature musical performances by NoCo Artists, and all
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