Christos Collective is an international artists and scholars community that empowers 

contemporary Christian visual art to promote a greater understanding and appreciation 

of a Christian worldview.


Our mission is to nurture and empower artists of Christian faith to reach excellence in 

their work through critique, exhibition and outreach. Our artwork and outreach events 

will inspire powerful conversations as a catalyst for positive change both in the art 

community and society as a whole. 


Christos Collective will support the vocation of the artist and enrich people’s lives through 

art, collaboration, and outreach with important resources and programs that develop 

lasting partnerships.

Statement of Faith: 

We believe the Gospel is Good News that offers redemptive grace to all mankind.

We believe that art can share the Gospel in ways other communication forms cannot, and 

it touches hearts in specific ways that draw viewers close to Christ.

We believe we are called to submit our talents to serve God to the best of our abilities.

We believe that in submitting our talents with excellence to God we will reclaim His voice 

in the arts.





Christos Collective (CC) Membership Policy                                  Published April 2016

Definition of Membership options:

Affiliate Members:

·      Are on mailing list for newsletter, event announcements, website/Facebook updates

·      Invited to submit work for Christos Collective Traveling Exhibitions (TE) when exhibit allows

·      Invited to exhibitions, private showings, participate in outreach projects, attend meetings as non-voting guests

·      Can be on the wait list for full membership

·      Pay $5 per month for affiliation

Artist Members:

·      Are on mailing list and will be featured in newsletter, event announcements, website/Facebook updates

·      Invited to submit work for all Christos Collective Traveling Exhibitions past and present

·      Participate in exhibitions, select panel discussions, private showings

·      participate in outreach projects

·       attend meetings as voting members

·      Vote on collective’s decisions concerning new members and CC growth

·      Pay $20 per month for membership

Benefits of Artist Members:

·      You are part of an exhibiting collective that will showcase your art publically and on our website

·      You will be informed of local, national and international opportunities for exhibiting your art beyond the collective’s established exhibitions

·      You will experience regular artwork critiques at meetings or in smaller groups

·      You will be part of any outreach or collaborative art projects that the collective chooses to partner with

·      You will be part of a fellowship that encourages your God-given art talents to be in service to Him

·      You will share in a pot luck fellowship meal at each meeting

·      You will be part of our prayer chain, supporting you in your art and personal struggles

·      You will have access to shared member’s talents, connections, skills and equipment

·      You are allowed to bring guests who are interested in any type of membership, please notify CC President

·      Your spouse receives a free affiliate membership if they are NOT an artist member

·      You will receive 60% of your CC art sales, other distributions are for gallery commissions and CC tithe and fee

Expectations of Artist Members:

·      To become an official artist member, one must first visit 2 consecutive meetings then express desire to join as a paying member, then a group vote is taken for admittance

·      Artist members attend meetings consecutively, but missing 3 meetings constitutes a review of membership with CC President and members concerning member’s wishes and commitment

·      Responsible for paying monthly dues

·      Responsible for creating art for exhibition, including Christos Collective Traveling Exhibitions

·      Responsible for moderate to high level of participation in desired outreach activities

·      Responsible for fulfilling a titled role or job description to aid CC growth



Christos Collective (CC) Exhibitions (E) Policy

Published April 2016

As an exhibiting member of the Christos Collective you agree to the following exhibition terms:

            *             To create artwork that sufficiently reflects the chosen theme of the exhibition

            *            To keep your art within the size limitations stated for the exhibition

            *            To deliver your art for the exhibition on the due date assigned

            *             To participate in the exhibition installation when available

            *             To participate in the opening, artist panel, and closing when available

            *            To contribute to the exhibition with an assigned task, i.e. refreshments, publications

            *            To pick up your art at the completion of the exhibition

            *            Artist accept 60% commission for sales of their art in a CC exhibition,

                        25% goes to exhibition commissions, 5% CC fees and 10% CC Tithing

                        (If exhibition commissions are less than 25%, artist retains 65%, if more than 25% artist is to adjust their selling price to meet their needs. If there is no exhibition                         commission a 20%discount will be offered to the buyer to stimulate sales and artist receives 65%)

            *             If a member’s CC exhibition work of art is exhibited outside of the CC exhibition, and sold, the artist is to pay CC 15% of the sale for 5% CC fees and 10%       CC Tithing

            *             Sales tax will be added to all sales and paid to the local government by CC

            *            Artists are obligated to fill out W9 forms with their sales and will receive 1099 forms from CC at tax time for their own personal art business

            *            Christos Collective will manage the LLC’s corporate tax responsibilities

            *             When a CC exhibition work of art does sell, the artist is encouraged to replace the piece with a new work of art in the same theme and size dimension, this                        is not            mandatory, new members can fill the vacancy with their art

            *            All Artist Members are invited and encouraged to create new art for each new CC exhibition